Fence Hopping Mugshot Man

The Fence Hopping Mugshot Man He's without morals, because that would only slow you down when you're the fence hopping mugshot man! In his line of work committing Business sabotage, terroristic threats, and child molester equality is regular practice. That's because...
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Mugshot Cyberbullying Tweet Collection

Mugshot Cyberbullying Tweet collection The reason I am showing you this Mugshot Cyberbullying Tweet Collection is so society can see the importance of outlawing this type of shit. Because  god forbid he ever answer his phone rather completely ignoring any form of...
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Russia Worlds Largest Cyberbully

Russia, World's biggest Cyberbully Because you're probably thinking to your self, where did this moron pull this conspiracy theory from. Sounds like a Michael Moore Conspiracy headed your way right? Unfortunately it is 100% true, because a russian individual owns one...
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Jason Watson Chomo Lover?

Because we all want to know is Jason Watson Chomo loving? Unfortunately, as a result of the corruption in our country a niche market exists. This niche market in particular that targets millions is owned by Jason J Watson. Often the individuals who actually pay him extortion money are pedophiles.

To date, his mugshots and harassment have caused several million Americans to be slandered and extorted! I intend to put a stop to his extortion business once and for all! It’s one thing to fuck with someone who used to sell heroin for the Sina Lola cartel. But as a result of my computer background, baby boy really fucked up now!

Am I targeting Jason J Watson in particular?

It is my intention to bring down the Mugshot industry entirely, this  Jason Watson Chomo is merely first on the list! Sure, there are more than just his mugshot website to target so I target him because of his personal impact upon my efforts. Furthermore, his actions step across the lines of civil, to the level of atrocity! This man not only makes a living from mugshot extortion, he sadistically makes sport of it! I fully intend upon eradicating all participants in this racket, Jason J Watson is merely the first in line!

Jason J Watson

Jason J Watson

Web Developer, Mugshot Racketeer, Criminal

Owner of several domains, These 3 in particular are the most heinous and criminal, producing Libel and Slander

  1. Arre . st
  2. MugshotSearch . Net
  3. USSupportLLC . com

Guess The Charge?

Does being arrested, and later found innocent mean it’s ok to compare you to a murderer or child molester? Because Jason certainly thinks so, which is why he made “Guess The Charge” ! Don’t worry! However, I can not accomplish this without your help America!

Being a one trick pony, Jason J Watson will surely inform you about my prior drug dealing. Because of this mistake, I am a convicted felon. Poor choices in my life resulted in me being convicted for selling methamphetamine!
As hard as it is for some to grasp, despite selling drugs being illegal, I still have morals and ethics .

For instance, I never sold to a minor, whereas he openly extorts families with juvenile mugshots. I don’t care what stipulation of the law someone claims, harming a child, especially their future is despicable!

I am no longer selling meth, and trying to make it in this world, and not scrape by with a job at a minimum wage employer. I want to THRIVE! If this mans slander effects even someone who isn’t applying for a job, his filth greatly impacts MANY! (Approximately 6 Million Americans)
Bottom line, the internet shouldn’t be littered with mugshots and slanderous filth, just because some little shit from Vegas wants free money!
Get the slander off the net today, and do it for 100% FREE! Our movement is in the process of becoming a non profit pending my 501(c)3 tax license.

We Intend to accomplish the following objectives:


  • Providing the general public with resources and information about Mugshot Extortion.
  • Provide adequete tutorials about SEO and Googles Ranking.
  • Educate victims on cost free measures to repair the damage caused by these criminals.
  • conduct campaigns and obtaining legal means to abolish and destroy domains held with this intent.